‘Beauty around the world’ swap with Claudia

Aloha beautiful,

I had to reblog Reeva’s blog post on our ‘Beauty Around The World’ swap. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I highly suggest you checking out my post :


It was absolutely delightful and inspiring to work together with such a lovely woman, like Reeva. I think it is amazing to be able to be connected with people on the other side of the world and get to explore a bit of what they like and do.

Definitely go and check out her blog which is made with so much love for the details and the pictures are so professional. This lady knows her stuff and has a heart of gold.

To get a first impression on her and her blog, I will leave you with her post on our beauty exchange.

Sending lots of Aloha and if you go and check her out leave her a comment saying you come from me 🙂

Have a blessed start into the week!


Beauty by Reeva

This is honestly one of the most exciting posts I’ve done to date! When Claudia Marie Clemente contacted me, who i consider my friend now, I was thrilled to be part of her wonderful project. But first if you have no idea who Claudia is, where have you been yo?!! Just kidding, Claudia has an amazing blog whereby fitness, health and beauty are her main features. Side note with a body like her’s I would definitely take notes from her health and fitness tips. She’s such a strong, motivated, empowering woman and strives on positivity and bringing good change to this world. Claudia is all the way from Hawaii (I’m from South Africa) but it was a pleasure to be the first blogger she chose to do this swap with. Thank you babe! As she will be continuing her project, it will include more swaps with varies bloggers all around…

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