Claudia Marie’s Beauty Around The World: Hawai’i x South Africa

Aloha beautiful!
Today, I have a very exciting post for you which I hope you will all LOVE!
While you are reading this, I will be on vacation and as soon as I am back, I will post a huge vacation haul! But for today, keep on reading and enjoy this very special post and collaboration.
If you have been following me for a while now, you may know that I am quite passionate about several things. Especially when it comes to empowering women, traveling, beauty, and exploring different cultures and customs.
This is my first blog post on Claudia Marie’s Beauty Around The World series in which I will collaborate with a fellow blogger, who I truly appreciate and admire for the passion they express in their blog and who happen to live in a different part of the world than I do (Hawai’i).
My series will contain beauty exchanges with bloggers from each continent. We will send each other a ‘beauty package’ that includes native beauty products and/or personal favorites (including certain preferences) . We decide on the Dollar value of the entire package and let each other know of personal preferences (e.g. cruelty free, organic, …)  Each blogger will than post about her experience and the products she got!
In addition, I will include a paragraph which will be self written by my beauty exchange partner.  She will write about the part of the world she is from or lives in and what beauty means in that part of the world, as well as to her personally.
How did I came up with this idea?
Hearing about all those negative and heartbreaking news around the world truly makes me sad, angry and in a sense powerless. I know that I won’t be able to change the world but I wanted to take into my own hands….something that I CAN do to make our world a little bit of a better place.
I came across package exchanges on YouTube and thought that it was a brilliant idea. However,  I wanted to put my personal spin and some value on it.
You may ask, how does beauty make this world a better place?
  • I love talking about beauty and I believe that beauty is all around us
  • I love traveling
  • I love nothing more than exploring and learning about different parts of the world and different cultures
  • I obviously love beauty and love to learn new things
  • I love to get to know women and their stories from around the world
  • I love to learn about the things that are native in your part of the world and what they do to make a woman feel more beautiful.

I want to show on my blog, that no matter where we come from or are located in this world…that we are not that different. We all enjoy and strive for similar things. Lets empower and encourage each other!

I believe we can learn so much from each other and I am excited to bring you a little bit closer to what beauty means in different parts of the world. I hope it will inspire and motivate you!

Beauty is often put as a superficial feature that you either have or not, but I truly believe that beauty just like happiness is all around you and if you train your eyes you can find beauty everywhere you look…Some examples that I see beauty in…and make me happy…


Ok, enough of the introduction, let’s get to the juicy part…I am thrilled to let you know that my very first beauty exchange will be with a part of the world I haven’t been to but always have dreamed of going…South Africa!

My first beauty exchange partner is Reeva Small! Thank you so much, Reeva, for participating and being part of this! Reeva is a beautiful and driven young lady who is a passionate mother, partner and makeup lover. Reeva and I have been blogger friends since a few months now and I would highly encourage you to check out her blog!

Reeva describes herself as

a 30 year old mother of one daughter. A full time beauty therapist and I specialize in skincare and makeup. I’m shy at times, but very welcoming and friendly. Although I don’t believe in star signs, shockingly some Pisces qualities I do have. To mention one or two, I love water, the ocean, taking baths, swimming, the sound of water/ the sea calms me. I am very much a dreamer, I show a lot of empathy, I love helping people and not expecting anything in return. I would say I’m a good listener too (although my mom doesn’t often agree). Thee biggest tip I could offer everyone is that as much as I am obsessed with makeup and beauty products, I am a firm believer that you have to be comfortable in your own skin without the enhancements of a product, needles or makeup. Im not afraid to walk out in public with a bare face and be completely natural. That’s how comfortable I am in my own skin. We all have flaws and rather focus on the positive than the negative. But if you want to get to know me a lot more (please say yes haha) I’d love and warmly welcome you to check out my blog where I share more of myself, personal experiences and very interactive (wink wink) 😉😀
So I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently still living in SA and I would never deny or be ashamed of my roots. I am a proud South AFRICAN whoop whoop! know people think that we live in a jungle, have lions as pets and prob have no internet or heard of star bucks. Uhmmm no darling, we are pretty much sorted with that regard hahaha. So here’s a pic of what I’m surrounded by everyday and the spectacularness of Cape Town (main feature in Cape Town is Table mountain, literally called that cause it looks like a table…whaaaaat?!!)

Beauty package exchange from South Africa: What did I get?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Hawai’i x South Africa Beauty Exchange

Reeva included a little note which was so nice to read:

Thank you so much for choosing me to do this swap with. It was so much fun and exciting picking out these items for you. I do personally enjoy each and every item myself and hope you love it too. Most of the items are from or made in South Africa as well:) I’m so happy to be forming relationships with you and others from all around the world and share different experiences with, so this one will definitely be remembered. Continue to write such awesome, inspiring and motivating blog posts and hope we “bump” into each other in the future.

Non makeup products:

I guess Reeva knew that I love the beach…that is why I believe she sent me a

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Lifestyle Products
  • Chic sun hat and
  • Sunglasses (I couldn’t find the brand tag on the hat and sunglasses) but both of them are perfect for a day on the beach or chilling in a beach bar next to the pool.
  • Glossy/black GUESS wallet
  • Very cute makeup bag, which I believe no makeup lover can have enough of 🙂
  • Cute bronzy earring studs
  • THE tangle teaser which is great to use to detangle your hair


Body products:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Body Products
  • Oh so Heavenly Butter Me Up – Moisture Miracle Body Butter: This body butter smells so good like strawberries that I just want to swirl my finger in it and taste it.
  • Woolworths Indulging Body Scrub in Oat: The scrub itself doesn’t have any harsh beats and has a rather creamy texture to it
  • Woolworths Indulging Bath Milk in Oats: This is the matching body milk and I can’t wait to try this under the shower.
  • Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Creme in Vanilla Delight: It smells like vanilla cake

Face Products:

Face Products
  • Oil Control Facial Mask which is always great to have at hand.
  • Eyelure Eye Lashes in 117: I couldn’t wait and tried them out already, since I never had Eyelure lashes before and I really like the easy application and comfortable band on it
  • Essence Pigments: I am looking forward trying different looks with these nude/coppery pigments


  • Essence Lip pencils: I really like Essence lipliner as they have the perfect mix between a creamy and harder formula
  • MAC Matte lipstick: That is a staple for any Kylie Jenner lip.
  • Oh so Heavenly Lip butter: I couldn’t wait to try this gem and it quickly became one of my faves because of the smell, consistency, its hydrating properties and its light pinkish sheen.

Lip Glosses from Woolworth and Glossy boot: are both in the pinky nude color palette and I can’t wait to try them out.


Once again: THANK YOU so much, Reeva for being my first beauty exchange blogger and also for all your patience. I am glad we made it work, after so many difficulties (of lost packages).

I hope you enjoyed this post and the first of Claudia Marie’s Beauty Around the World series! I would love to hear about your thoughts on this post and what BEAUTY means to YOU? Tell us about your experiences, tell us what you think is beautiful….

If you are interested to see what I sent Reeva…go and check out her blog post and read about our exchange:

Make sure to follow her on her:






21 thoughts on “Claudia Marie’s Beauty Around The World: Hawai’i x South Africa

    1. Aloha beautiful! I am finally back and I am soo happy that everything went well and you enjoyed your package as well! You were so delightful to partner up with. I am wishing you all the best for the future and please def keep in touch!
      I will now head over to your site and check out your post!


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, beautiful, for stopping by. Aren’t the items so pretty? I was also ecstatic to do the this series and Reeva being my first partner.

      Let me know if you may be interested in an exchange (which I have planned to do twice a year).


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stashy,

      I am soo excited to welcome you to my blog ohana as well and super happy you came from Reeva’s blog. Thanks for the comment which means a lot. It was such a wonderful experience and since I love traveling, experiencing different cultures…I wanted to choose a place I haven’t been yet (but dying to go to) and a lady who I really enjoy reading and interacting with.

      I agree, we don’t live in bad places lol.

      Where do you live?

      Sending lots of Aloha your way.



      1. Aww you’re very welcome, yes very good thank you hun. It’s a celebratory day today so lots of feasting with family and friends! (Just gotta be careful with the desserts!) I can barely get up now lol🙈 Hope you’re keeping well my lovely xx

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