Summer Must Have: Facial Mists

Aloha beautiful!

After a few days of absence, I am soo happy to be back here on my blog, and also to catch up on all the great blog posts I have missed thus far! How is everyone’s summer going?

Today, I want to talk about a summer (all year round) must have….facial mists! If you have been using them already, than you know what I am talking about, if not let me tell you how amazing they are.

You probably have heard about Evian, Volvic, Caudalie, MAC, Tatcha or Avène Facial Mists which are basically spray cans that deliver a major dose of hydration and nourishment to the delicate face and decollete area.

I want to show you two of my favorite facial mists that are very simple yet extremely beneficial for my skin and soul!

Lavender Flower Water by Heritage Store

Rose Water by Heritage Store

What do I love about these products:

  • it combines the refreshing and nourishing benefits for your skin together with the relaxing aroma that gives you a spa like experience
  • the water has been vortexed and magnetized
  • it only has two ingredients: vor-mag water and lavender/or rose oil
  • it is so versatile
  • they are great quality products and
  • affordable price

Different Facial Mists and Prices:

Flower Water Lavender 4fl oz (120ml) – 6.84$ (here)

Rosewater 4fl oz (120ml) – 4.80$ (here)

Rosewater and Glycerin 4fl oz (120ml) – 5.22$ (here)

Flower Water Plumeria 4fl oz (120ml) – 6.66$ (here)

Flower Water Jasmine 4fl oz (120ml) – 4.80$ (here)

Flower Water Orange Water 4fl oz (120ml) – 4.56$ (here)

Next, I will try out the Orange Water and Plumeria one as I absolutely love those scents! I will let you know how I do like them

When do I use Facial Sprays:

  • After I wake up together with a big glass of lemon water to get my day starting
  • Before I put my makeup on for a glowy and smoother application of my foundation
  • After I finish my makeup to take away the powdery finish and to make my makeup melt into the skin
  • When I feel hot during the day – The Rose Water is moisturizing and smells heavenly
  • For a quick me up during a long day
  • Whenever I feel anxious – the lavender essence feels very soothing and calming
  • After I take my makeup off
  • Before I go to bed – the lavender helps in calming the mind
    • Lavender – I use this one more when I want to calm down, before I meditate or before I go to bed
    • Rosewater – I use it especially for its moisutrizing properties; before I put my makeup on, on the plane…

How do I use Facial Sprays:

  • I love to keep a couple of the sprays in my fridge for the extra pick me up.
  • I also have a small spray handy in my purse, or
  • for when I am in the plane to moisturize my face during long flight

I would love to know what your summer must have is and also if you use facial mists. Is there any that you love in particular?

Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful!





3 thoughts on “Summer Must Have: Facial Mists

  1. Thank you, beautiful, for stopping by. I love this option as it not only hydrates your face but also is a quick pick me up and the aromatherapy you get from it is so nice. For hydration I would def go with the rose water one. Xxx


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