Commitment: My Journey to Strong, Healthy & Confident

Aloha beautiful!

In case you haven’t read my previous post about how I lost 60 lbs and started my personal journey to becoming stronger, healthier and more confident, I will link my article here for you to read and hopefully to find some motivation and inspiration.

Every week, I will talk more in depth about one specific area (mentioned in ‘my path to success’) which I believe is crucial and beneficial for everybody who is starting off or who is in the middle of their own journey to either losing weight, being more fit or healthy.

Today, I will talk more in depth about…


My commitment to changing my lifestyle started when I saw these pictures of myself:

and I am proud to say that commitment and hard work brought me here:

Commitment sounds pretty much self explanatory, doesn’t it? However, I have met a lot of women and men along my journey who wanted to lose weight or who wanted to cut out all the junk food they were eating and/or workout more to become more healthy and fit. They started their journey but failed along the way.

I believe that recognizing that one has to change something in their current lifestyle is already a big step towards ones goal, however, unfortunately words without action will not get you where you want to be.

Commitment is the promise to yourself to stick to your plan – no matter what.

Commitment is about respecting yourself so much that you don’t accept an ‘I give up’ or ‘Not today…but tomorrow (maybe)’.commitment_uyjmzd

Commitment is about the relationship you have with yourself. You wouldn’t let your best friend down, would you? – so why would you let yourself down? The most important realtionship you will ever have – is with yourself! You are not doing that change for anyone else besides yourself and even though this should be enough motivation – I know that it is a journey with lots of ups and downs – but YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If it helps you to stay more focused and motivated document your journey and share with your family and friends or write a blog about it.

Commitment doesn’t mean that your journey will always be easy – because it won’t. But commitment means that you have realized that there is something that you want to change and that you are willing to give it your all.nphl0jz6

Trust me when I tell you that – there have been so many times when I had commitment . I sat down and told myself: ‘I will go to the gym tomorrow – and work twice as hard’ but 30 min later I couldn’t stand the way it made me feel and stood up and went to the gym.

Not a single time did I regret my decision –  but instead it made me proud and satisfied that I was strong enough to beat my ‘lazy self’ and stuck to my dream and the commitment to it.

You may say: ‘One time is no time’ but these little victories you have over yourself are psychologically very important to determine your success.

Of course we are not all the same – however there may be different things that may work for you in order to stay committed:

  1. REWARDS: Even though intrinsic motivation is seen as the gold standard of motivation sometimes we need a little reward for when we don’t feel like acting like plan. E.g.: If I manage to get off the sofa and get a 45 min workout in, I will buy myself the new lipstick I always wanted.
  2. WRITE DOWN YOUR COMMITMENT: It is always a good idea to write down your goal and the steps it takes for you to tackle it. Keep that note close to you and take it out every time you feel down, unmotivated or like giving up. It will remind you why you started in the first place. Writing a blog, weekly Facebook updated, progress pictures on Instagram are also a great way to stay focused, motivated and accountable.
  3. DON’T BE TOO HARSH TO YOURSELF-LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES: It sounds easier said than done – but it is your personal journey – enjoy and be grateful for the changes your body is going through. If a certain workout didn’t workout
  4. STAY FOCUSED ON THE POSITIVE: It is totally normal that your weight is fluctuating depending on your menstrual cycle. But don’t worry because a lot of the weight is also water retention. Stay positive even if not every day is a success. If you want to eat that pizza or donut, don’t regret it – it won’t make a big difference if otherwise you are committed to eat more balanced. I believe in a balanced lifestyle change which is sustainable over time – that is why it is important to indulge.
  5. FIND SUPPORT: Find a either other blogs you feel inspired by or find a friend who also always wanted to start changing her lifestyle and do it together.

I would love to know what are the things YOU are committed to and how do you assure to stay committed?

I hope you found this post interesting and helpful. Stay tuned for some more posts on this series and if you have any questions concerning your weight loss/fitness journey, please don’t hesitate to message me and stay connected through:

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 Happy Aloha Monday to you beautiful ladies out there.



16 thoughts on “Commitment: My Journey to Strong, Healthy & Confident

    1. Omg…that just made me emotional (I also think it is this time of the month lol). 10lbs?! That is AMAZING! Congrats for the this amazing first goal. You can do it and you will feel so proud and energized about yourself.
      Welcome on board the fittrain 🙂
      I love your input!
      How did you started your journey?

      Sending lots of Aloha your way!


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      1. Thank you ♡♡ im doing a post real soon! I’ll link you once its done. Have you seen this months favourite blogger? 😉 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, my dear! It sounds so simple and inately we all know that but I find it important to point that out because it is such a determining factor for success.

      Thank you for always supporting me and my blog….I truly truly appreciate that!


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