May: My favourite blogger

Aloha beautiful!

I had to reblog this post from the wonderful Alanna on as this post just made me so emotional (it is this time of the month as well lol). She wrote an article about me being her favorite blogger of the month and how I inspire and motivate her in different ways.

I am reposting this to let you know that YOU can have a positive impact on someone else by simply being yourself and empowering other women, t is amazing and soo humbling.

I started my blog with the hope of motivating and inspiring other women because it feels good to make others feel good πŸ™‚

Happy Aloha Monday to all of you beautiful women!

Smile at a stranger, open the door for an elderly person,…make someone feel good about themselves today.


Alanna, is a wonderful young woman who shares wonderful posts on her blog and I am glad that we connected. Check out her blog!

Mahalo from the bottom of my heart!

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