#Healthyalternatives: 2 Ingredients Anti-Acne Face Mask

Aloha beautiful!

If you follow my blog, than you already know that I am always on the hunt for great and healthy products to incorporate in my lifestyle and/or to replace ‘not so healthy’ products that we commonly use. I have started an #Healthyalternatives series (here) in which I share all the great and healthy products I came across and which I truly love (e.g. protein bars (here), all natural deodorants (here) and silk pillow cases (here)).

Skin care has always been one of the topics I have been very passionate about. For almost all my teens and twenties I have suffered from acne (and if you do or did as well, you know how emotionally and physically painful it is). Occasionally, I still suffer from breakouts (especially hormonal breakouts around my jaw line and cheek area).

Needless to say that I have tried a lot of different products to minimize my breakouts and smooth out the appearance of my skin. Besides my daily face wash/exfoliator, serum and moisturizer, I like using face masks once a week/once every 2 weeks to give my skin that extra boost of goodness.

imageOne of my ALL TIME favorite purifying, cleansing and pore minimizing mask is the  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This is truly a gem in my eyes as it works better than most other masks I have tried before and that for a fraction of the price.

I love Aztec Bentonite Clay for so many reasons:

  • The only ingredient is 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay
  • Filled with minerals found on Earth
  • It cleans and minimizes my pores deeply and helps reducing breakouts
  • I can easily do the mask at home
  • I can see and feel results immediately after taking it off
  • Versatile use (facials, acne, bodywraps, clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for knee packs and insect bites)
  • Affordable and it lasts a long time (1 Pound for $9.94)

How does it work:

  • According to aztec-secret.com, Aztec Secret Healing Clay is a Bentonite clay that originates from volcanic ashes that have settled on earth thousands of years ago.  
  • What makes it so special is the fact that it contains a lot of nutrients and almost every mineral found on our planet. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?
  • When mixed with either apple cider vinegar or water and applied to your face, toxins that are stored in the epidermis, are sucked out of the skin and absorbed by the clay.
  • The minerals and nutrients in the clay mask, on the other side, are absorbed by the skin, leaving it nourished and radiant.
  • You can literally feel the toxins and dirt being lifted from your pores while your skin starts pulsating and your blood flow is stimulated (and I am not exaggerating lol). I love the feeling :-).

How I use Aztec Clay in my skin care routine:

Depending on whether I have a good skin week or not, I use this mask every week or every other week to deeply clean my pores.

  1. imageI put 2 tablespoons of the Aztec Clay powder in a non metallic bowl (important because of the ionizing properties of clay that would interfere with metal) and pour about 4 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar (preferably the one with ‘the mother’ in it) and mix everything together until I get a thick paste. If the mix is too runny or too thick, adjust accordingly by adding more clay or apple cider vinegar.
  2. If you have sensitive skin – you may want to use water instead of apple cider vinegar as it may be too harsh for your skin.
  3. I like to exfoliate my face prior to applying the mask. That way it can penetrate my skin better and work to its full potential.
  4. Apply the mask either with a brush (Tip: Elf has $1-$2 brushes which I like to use to apply face masks. Here) or your hands.
  5. Let it dry for about 10-14 minutes. You will feel your skin getting hot and start to pulsate.
  6. Don’t let it dry completely (when getting hard and flaky it will be more difficult to wash off).
  7. Rinse your face with warm water and gently pad dry with a clean towel. Your face will have some redness but that is normal and will disappear slowly.
  8. Apply your favorite serum and moisturizer.
  9. Your skin will feel deeply clean and your pores will be visibly mimized.

Where to buy it:

You can buy it at your health supermarket such as Whole Foods/ Trader Joe’s or online (here).

Have you heard from the Aztec Clay mask before? What do you use it for? What is your secret weapon against breakouts and acne?


Have a pimple free weekend!



27 thoughts on “#Healthyalternatives: 2 Ingredients Anti-Acne Face Mask

    1. You should def try this out as it helped my skin a lot. I am so glad you liked my post. I always appreciate your input greatly.

      Let me know how you are liking it, if you are getting it.

      Have a great sunday!


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, beautiful! Aren’t both such a good combo? I love ACV for so many reasons as well. I use it as a toner (dilluted with water). Not the most pleasant smell though lol.

      Have a lovely sunday!


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alex, it is really one of those products that changed my acne game a lot 🙂 and I love the ingredients in it and how well it works for my skin. Let me know how you like it, if you are trying it out 🙂

      Have a lovely evening!



    1. Hi Emily,

      thanks so much for stopping by and your nice comment. This is truly the best mask ever and I use it ever week to every 2 weeks once. However, if I have active breakouts I also like to use it as a spot treatment and my pimple reduces so quickly without ‘drying it out’ like other spot treatments do.

      God bless, beautiful!



      1. I make the products that go on my face or body. I will get samples or a gift from time to time, but mostly I make my products. Just today I made a peel with ascorbic acid and organic half and half. Massage onto face, chest, arms, and hands for about three minutes and rinse off, followed by moisturizer. 🙂

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    1. I hear you! It doesn’t feel good having acne, especially if you are not in your teens anymore. I have been suffering from bad cystic acne as well as hormonal breakouts and I truly swear by this mask!

      I also like the Thomas Roth – Sulfur Mask – in case you are not the DIY type of person 🙂

      Have a wonderful start into the week and thanks you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!


      Liked by 1 person

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