#Healthyalternatives: Silk Pillow Cases And Its Benefits For Your Beauty Sleep!

Aloha beautiful!

It has been over 2 years since I have switched from cotton to silk – I am talking about pillow cases.

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They come in different colors and sizes

Celebrities have been using them since a long time and are swearing by it. Taking into consideration that by the time we are turning 60 years old we will have slept for around 20 years – The older I get the more I love to sleep and I am taking my beauty sleep pretty seriously  hihi 🙂

I wanted to see for myself if changing my cotton pillow cases to silk ones would really make such a big difference or if it was just one of the many fads out there.

I am glad I did switch over since I truly love the feeling of silk on my face and head but more importantly I love it for its various beauty benefits. Every time I travel I make sure to pack an extra silk pillow case and as soon as I arrive at a hotel I change it.

There are 3 main improvements that I have noticed since switching my pillow cases:

1. It helps to reduce hair breakage, frizzy and staticky hair.

When I used to sleep on cotton pillow cases, I woke up in the morning with my hair all tangled up and frizzy. I also noticed that my hair would break off easily. First, I didn’t made the connection to my cotton pillow case right away but since I changed over to silk, I  now wake up with much smoother hair that doesn’t break off that easily. I attribute that to the silky texture that allows my hair to glide smoothly over the pillow case.

The friction that is created between cotton and the hair strand causes split ends and breakage.

Also, cotton absorbs moisture way more than silk does. So, while you sleep for 6-8hours a night, the natural oils that your hair produces, stays on the surface of your silk pillowcase. It nourishes your hair rather than stripping it from its oils – and that during your sleep. How awesome is that?

2. It prevents wrinkles (especially sleep creases).

Before switching over to silk pillow cases I used to wake up to sleeping creases all over  my face. Especially around my eyes and around my mouth. Previously, my sleep creases took almost the whole day to go away. Some wrinkles, especially the ones around my eyes would even stay permanently.

The friction that is created when sleeping on  cotton pillow cases may be the reason why you wake up to sleeping creases on your face and decollete. Switching to silk pillow cases reduced that a lot. Similar to what I mentioned in point 1. silk allows my face to glide over the pillow and isn’t rough on my skin.

Also, the retention of my natural oils on the pillow surface, nourishes my skin – making it more plump and hydrated.

3. It is a natural heat regulator and allows me to have a deeper sleep.

The smooth silk fibers keep my head cool throughout the night and allow me to maintain a constant body temperature. I do not wake up sweating anymore which was a big factor on why I didn’t get the rest I needed (even if I would sleep for 7 hours).

I also love the luxurious feel on my skin. Its texture is so smooth and soft and it makes me feel very feminine and sexy.

These are the things I have noticed on my hair, face and on my overall sleep quality, however, there are some more benefits that silk may have on YOU:

  • It may reduces menopausal heat flashes (silk is a natural heat regulator and reduces heat flashes at night)
  • It may reduces skin issues especially if you suffer from eczema, dry or flaky skin (silk nourishes and moisturizes your skin due to its ability to keep natural oils on the pillow case surface rather than absorbing it)
  • It may preserves your hairstyle (blow out/waves/curls) better than cotton pillow cases (= again, it allows your hair to glide smoothly over the pillow case.
  • Silk pillow cases are hypoallergenic. Dermatologists say that there are only very few people who are allergic against silk (= natural substance that it is free of potential irritating chemicals) and due to its very tightly woven structure possible allergens can not settle in between the fibers.

As amazing as silk and its properties are, make sure to wash your pillow case often to avoid break outs or greasy hair (since the natural oils stay on the surface). I wash my pillow case every 5-7 days.

When you are going to do your research on the benefits of silk pillow cases you may come across some that are made out of satin. Whereas satin may be a good, more inexpensive option to start off with and see if you like it, there are a few important differences to be aware of:

100% (Mulberry) Silk:

  • is a natural silk protein thread that is produced by the (mulberry) silk worm when creating its cocoon.
  • the mulberry worm creates stronger and shinier silk fibers
  • it is cultivated without breaking the long fibers of the cocoon which makes the silk stronger and superior in quality.
  • expensive
  • process to harvest silk is time and labor intensive
  • luxury


  • is a manmade fabric which often contains silk,  cotton, wool and polyester
  • inexpensive
  • does not have all the benefits silk has
  • mass produced
  • and thus easily found at your beauty supply (Sally’s)

Both, satin and silk pillow cases are superior to cotton ones, however, if you are looking for the full benefits that silk pillow cases can provide, I would recommend to make sure that you are buying a 100% pure (mulberry) silk pillow case. However, if you are starting off and are not too sure if you want to invest in one – satin may be an inexpensive way to start off with.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please let me know below, if you are also sleeping on silk pillow cases and which benefits you have noticed.

Have a lovely day, beautiful!





28 thoughts on “#Healthyalternatives: Silk Pillow Cases And Its Benefits For Your Beauty Sleep!

  1. That is cool to read in all…but for me, I may slide right out of my bed…bad enough move around a lot in bed so it may not be a good thing. But I DID find your right up interesting.

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    1. I had the same thought when I first heard about it. That is why I stick to the pillow case rather than the whole bedding.

      How are you doing? Still strong on your weight loss journey?

      Have a lovely day!



      1. Thanks for asking Weight loss is going…doing spin class’s 3 days a week and weights. I still haven’t gotten go pro yet have to get a bill to go down then I will. just wondering have you gotten any messages saying I have posted new blogs?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Woohoo. You go girl! That is the perfect combo to shed fat and to get those muscles coming.

          Keep on going, it is soo satisfying once you start seeing results.

          I haven’t seen any posts/notification unless I went on your site 😦


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          1. Wonder how I can change to were ppl get notified when post is added do u know how? I don’t think I get one from when you post.

            I may see a difference but hoping today sometime I will get my mom to measure my body.

            Take care,

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            1. I am not too sure. It is going to be under settings and than you can activate different options I believe. If you can not figure it out – the help desk is typically pretty helpful.

              Good luck with the measurements :-.)

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            2. Thank you I will check it out and when or if I do figure it I will post something and see if u get notice or what ever the case may be 🙂

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    1. That is AMAZING. Thank you so much, beautiful.

      Sometimes it is the things that we don’t think about at all that can make such a big difference.

      I love silk especially for my hair and for my face.
      I used to really get frustrated after waking up with sleeping creases and the older I got the more permanent they were.

      I hope it helps and let me know you are liking it.


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    1. Hi Gracie,

      I am so glad you enjoyed reading my post and thank you so much for taking the time out to comment. I really appreciate it.

      It really is one of these ‘ where have you been all my life ‘ type of things lol.

      Let me know how you like sleeping on silk, if you get one.

      I am looking forward hearing more of your thoughts on my posts.

      Have a great day!

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  2. Hi Claudia,

    Thank you, for reading my blog post. I greatly appreciate it. I am enjoying your blog as well. I want to congratulate you on your weight loss. That is a great accomplishment that so many of us women (and men) deal with. Good for you and you love fab! Keep up the good work and enjoying your new life. Blessing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aloha Cheryl.

      You are very welcome :-)!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and saying such great words which truly touch my heart. I know that so many of us do – and I hope that I can be a motivation for others to do it the healthy more sustainable way.

      Sending lots of Aloha your way! Have a great rest of your weekend



  3. Reblogged this on oluxoshop and commented:
    Claudia Marie has such a wonderful blog. This particular post about using silk or satin pillow cases is definitely worth the read. After reading this, I’m sure there will be quite a few people off to the shops, looking for those gorgeous silk pillowcases 🙂 – Thank you, Claudia. xxx


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