The Power of Scents – My Favorite Perfumes!

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Aloha beautiful!

Have you ever noticed that certain scents make you feel a certain way?

I love coming back to my parents’ house because the scent of home evokes feelings of familiarity and security. When I moved to the other side of the world –  away from my family and friends – I remember going into a department store and I would spray my mothers perfume all over my scarf and every time I had a weak moment I would smell it and would feel comfort.

Or for example the smell of sunscreen immediately sends out some feel-good hormones and reduces stress. Our brains associate this scent with vacation, beach and sun and who doesn’t feel relaxed when on vacation?

I love using my vitamin C serum after I wash my face in the morning as the clean, citrusy smell immediately boosts my energy and makes me ready for the day. It also lowers the amount of norepinephrine (stress hormone) and who doesn’t want that – since mornings can be stressful enough.

Different scents do have different effects on us – that is why I absolutely love using essential oils, body mists/Eau de Toilettes and perfumes. Our bodies respond physiologically and psychologically to different scents and thus it has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives – sleep, stress, memory, self-confidence, concentration, mental health, emotions and even romance.

Because scents are so closely linked to memory and emotions I think every woman should have one or two staple perfumes that people associate with her.

The first two scents are my absolute favorite ones – my staple scents with recognition value 🙂


  1. J’adore by Christian Dior

Notes: Ylang-Ylang Essence, Damascena Rose Essence, Sambac Jasmine Absolute.

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This is my alter ego kind of fragrance

This is the kind of perfume that I wear once I put my makeup, a sexy outfit and jewelry on. I spritz a generous amount on the my wrists, my neck, the inner part of my elbows and I feel like I can conquer the world. It totally boosts my self-confidence and I feel feminine, sexy, luxurious and fierce.

  1. Michael Kors by Michael Kors

Notes:  Dewy Freesia, Tamarind, Chinese Osmanthus, Incense, Fresh Tuberose, White Wings Peony, Blue Orris, Arum Lilies, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver Haiti.

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This is my toned-down-a-notch-alter-ego scent

This is my everyday go to scent which I love because it reminds me of the flowers of Hawai’i…Its warm scent makes me feel playful, feminine, sophisticated and sensual at once. I love to wear this perfume with a light little summer dress. Every time I wear this scent I get tons of compliments on how I smell.


  1. Body by Burburry

Notes:  Freesia, Green Absinthe, Peach, Rose, Iris, Sandalwood, Cashmeran, Musk, Amber, Vanilla.

This is my effortless-go-to perfume

I love this fragrance as its warm, floral yet clean and powdery style makes me feel sensual, feminine and elegant.This is another of my go to type of scents that I like to wear with a jeans and t-shirt type of outfit.


  1. L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

Notes: Lotus, Freesia, Cyclamen, Rose Water, Fresh Peonies, Carnation, White Lilies, Precious Woods, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Amberseed, Musk.

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This is an oldie but goodie

This scent is a classic one. It is more of a fresh/clean flowery scent. I like this one a lot and it gives me similar vibes as the Burburry- Body perfume. I would also wear this one when I feel more sporty yet feminine. It has been around for a while now but I always enjoy having a bottle of this perfume at home.


  1. Ô De L’Orangerie by Lancôme

Notes: Orange zest, Orange Blossom essential oil, Orange Blossom absolute, Jasmine, Cedar, Benzoin

My pick me up type of scent

I just recently ran out of it and I can’t wait to have it back in my collection.  This Eau de Toilette reminds me so much of my childhood when I spent the summers in the South of France with my family. It is a very nostalgic scent to me and I love to spray this on whenever I want to dwell in memories for a while lol. It is so nice for the warmer months as it’s citrusy, clean and flowery at the same time.


  1. Eau de Provence by Prouvenco


This is my feel good type of fragrance

This perfume smells just like you would imagine the Provence (the area my family is from) would smell. When I close my eyes and smell this scent I can literally see the fields of lavender, the olive- and orange trees mixed with sunshine and blue skies in front of my inner eye. The company is a small and is located in Grasse “the capital city of perfumes”.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always I would love for you to leave me a comment telling me what perfume you absolute love. I am always on the hunt for an amazing perfume.



35 thoughts on “The Power of Scents – My Favorite Perfumes!

    1. Thank you, dear! How awesome that you are liking several of them as well 🙂

      Since we seem to have a similar taste let me know if you come across any new scents you are loving :-.)



  1. Great Post lovely as always…. I’m mad about perfume! I would say Angel by Thierry Mugler is my alter ego scent, Clinique Happy is my feeling fresh and fine on a summers day scent and my latest love is Jimmy Choo Illicit which I was given at Christmas. I absolutely love your choices, am def gna seek out a few of them too!

    Hope the sun is shining where you are.

    Big love



    1. Thank you so much, Celina!

      What are your fav scents?

      I am looking forward reading your thoughts on my future posts and also to read more of your great ones.

      Have a lovely evening!



      1. Oh thank you so much! You’re so sweet. And I’m loving Nirvana Black by Elizabeth & James right now! Same with Alien by Thierry Mugler and Replica Beach Walk (soooo good for spring/summer)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. These are such nice scents. I have tried the Nirvana White one so far and really liked it. They have the two scents also as dry shampoo. I am not too sure how it performs as dry shampoo but I can imagine it to be super nice when even your hair smells that so nice…

          I want to try the Replica Beach Walk soo bad (thank you for the recommendation :-)), one from Jo Malone and Byredo perfumes next (because I feel like they are not as well known)


  2. Love this. Scents are like music to me. 🙂 I have so many and certain ones I spray to simply flood my senses with certain memories and times. Scent has such a stronghold on me there are even certain scents I can no longer wear! Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks love 🙂 I totally feel you…there are certain scents you associate with a certain time in your life or a certain person. Isn’t that incredible how our brains work.

      Which one are you liking at the moment?


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Precisely! I’m obsessed with Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, more of a men’s scent but it makes me happy and works well with my body chemistry. I like masculine scents. I am also obsessed with the Mens Hermès fragrance, Terre D’Hermès. I spray it on my 4 year old son, daily, so I can smell it. I also love the unisex fragrance by Fresh, Cannabis Santal. I’m a big fan of Margot Elena’s lines, all of them. Her scents are so unique. I adore Library of Flowers, ‘the forest’ and Lollia ‘At Last’ Aerin’s waterlilly sun is a lovely summer scent and I’m currently enjoying my new Clean Reserve layering set with scents like sueded oud and blonde rose as well as Commodity Magnolia. I do not wear a lot of the more common/mainstream scents but there are a couple I do really like: The Elizabeth and James Nirvana line and the Belenciaga ‘Flora’ line. Original Chloé is likely my most signature every day scent, for so long and I still go back to Thierry Mugler Angel and Dolce & Gabbana light blue for the evoking of memories. 🙂 My scent collection is quite vast. I love looking at all of the pretty and unique bottles as much as enjoying the scents themselves. xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. YOU are just amazing!! I love the uniqueness of these scents. The idea of layering your perfume to create your very own scent has always appealed to me as well. Thank you for the tip and I am def going to look into the Clean Reserve set.

          Have a great start into the day!


          Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww that is so nice of you. Thank you 🙂

      I have just posted a Beauty Blogger Tag and would love for you to either do it as well or answer some of the questions in the comment section 🙂

      Have a lovely day!!


      Liked by 1 person

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