Hawai’i – the islands that have captured my heart!

Aloha everyone!

One of my biggest passion is TRAVELING to different places and FEELING the energy those places!

If you have the chance of going to different places, I would highly encourage you to do so – because MEMORIES ARE FOREVER and it makes you part of something that is so much bigger than yourself. I love going to places I’ve never seen before and truly connecting with the land, people and culture – no matter if it is a big city, the dry desert, a nordic winter wonderland or a tropical paradise – I feel like each place has something unique about it.

When I first came to Hawai’i – I drove by this place on the Ko’olau range (see the first picture below) and as soon as I saw it, I had to stop the car. I sat down under a monkey pod tree and couldn’t stop staring at that captivating mountain range…There was something about it…I sat there for at least 1 hour…and felt as if I have been here before. Call me spiritual but I immediately felt a strong connection to the aina (land), the kai (ocean) and its mana (energy of the island).


I felt as if I belong here.

It was such a comforting and yet overwhelming feeling knowing that this island has something I may have been looking for my whole life (and I never knew that I was even looking for anything). I was thinking to myself: ‘How am I supposed to figure that out if I have only a few days before I have to fly back home?’ I decided to simply enjoy the island and not to overthink too much.

Once back home, that feeling I had when sitting under the monkey pod tree, didn’t leave …

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and listen to your heart,

‘because it is only with the heart that you can see rightly’ (Antoine de St. Exupéry).

Life is too short and precious to not live it to your fullest potential. Of course, certain things have to be well thought through and planned. Not everything was that easy to plan and execute but we made it work :-)!

Every single day – I am extremely grateful to wake up on such a beautiful island and I will never take that for granted 🙂 I am dancing hula and learning to play the ukelele and I truly love the island life 🙂

Hawai’i – if you come with an open heart and get off the beaten path, you’ll find places you’ve never thought existed.

I would love to show you some more of the pictures I took of some of my favorite places. Enjoy and ALOHA!

Aloha has a deep meaning – and as positive and joyful  it is – it is also strong and powerful!

‘Aloha is sending and receiving a positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the Spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone. They exist in space, multiply and spread over to others.’


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got a little glimpse of the islands that have captured my heart 🙂 If you are interested in more, I will write some more detailed posts about Hawai’i- its food, insider travel tips, culture,… Let me know in the comments below :-).

I am wishing you all a very lovely day and never stop believing that ANYTHING is possible! Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! The power is in you! Use it!



30 thoughts on “Hawai’i – the islands that have captured my heart!

  1. The other day, in the Honolulu Magazine, there was a story about Mark twain’s visit here. He said years later that the scent of flowers, which had died twenty years before,were still in his nose.

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    1. Aloha Michelle,

      thank you so much for your comment. I will definitely look for the Honolulu Magazine and search for the article. That is such a beautiful description…and I can totally relate.
      There is something magical about Hawai’i. Are you here on island?

      Have a lovely evening!



    1. Thank you so much for your support! It truly means a lot. I love when women empower and support each other!

      I am looking forward to chat about all the things that make life worth living 🙂

      Have a fabulous day!


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  2. I would love to know more ❤ This has really inspired me to start living the way I have always wanted too, no illness should stop me right? You have some truly amazing photography skills. Thank you for such a beautiful and enjoyable post.

    Alanna ♡

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Alanna! I truly appreciate that so much!
      I love when we, especially as women, empower each other and that is why it makes me even happier that my post inspired you a bit. I hope that you are doing fine.
      I am sending you lots of Aloha and hope your day is filled with positivity.
      I can’t wait to hear from you on blog 🙂


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  3. Great post 🙂 I hope to visit some day! I would lovee to do some travelling, as well. I’m also an island girl, born and grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. Since you enjoy the island life, you can try a couple of Caribbean islands next 🙂

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    1. Soo nice to meet you! I love the rich culture of the Caribbean and would LOVE to visit! I have been to the Republica Dominicana and the Carribean side of Costa Rica and Panama 🙂 Trinidad and Tobago is de up there on my list! 🙂

      I am looking forward reading your posts and exchanging ideas on beauty and a lot of other things 🙂


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  4. This is just such a heartwarming story and I’m so glad that you found your true home. It truly is the most wonderful feeling. For me, I feel like home is not place- it’s a mindset. With the right people, thoughts and dreams in life anywhere can be home, and there’s no more comforting place for me than the mind. I also find that my family is home. My mother actually has a framed bit of typography that says ‘You are my home’ because that’s exactly what it is. No matter where we go, so long as we have each other, we haven’t left home. It’s the best space I could be in personally. I’m happy that you have home- Hawaii has always been a gorgeous place, I’d give anything to live there.
    Hatsy xx

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    1. Aloha Hatsy,

      thank you so much for your comment. I totally love the way you see ‘home’ and that home is where your mum is.

      I couldn’t agree more that ‘home’ is more than just a physical place…home is where the heart is.

      I have traveled to a lot of places always away from ‘home’ realizing that home is wherever I am (it is beautiful to feel at ‘home’ with myself) and where the person is who I love.

      Hawai’i gives me the feeling of settlement – I have traveled the world and finally found a place where I feel like I want to spend my future and make my physical ‘home’ 🙂

      I hope you have a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by.



  5. Your island home looks like paradise. Good on you for taking the brave leap to change your life. Ever since I got back from Thailand I have been itching to go again and can’t wait to move away for a year in December! X

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    1. I totally feel you. Once you start traveling and experience what else is out there…you can’t get enough.

      Thanks so much for your kind words, lovely!

      Where are you living right now and where are you going to move to?

      Have a wonderful day!



    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and such a lovely comment.

      Traveling is such a wonderful thing to do, when you have the possibility. It truly put so many things into perspective. I hope you have a great year full of travel ahead of you 🙂



    1. Hahaha I am glad you are asking. I guess it was clear the moment I landed in Hawai’i and felt a sense of home (different to all the other beautiful places I have visited and truly are #livinggoals but never felt like’ok I am home’).

      Once back to the mainland I thought to myself why do I have to live in a city, I know I don’t want to settle in and save my money in order to go on vacation every now and then and live where I want to be once I retire…I guess there was something that clicked inside 🙂 It took about 3 months until everything was figured out. People were sceptical (also because of the prices,…) but all the things I truly love are free…beach, ocean, hiking, bbq….

      I am living here now close to 4 years and that was the best decision ever. We have only one life…why settle for something that doesn’t make you totally happy?

      Have a lovely day and thank you so much for stopping by. I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on my posts.



      1. Thanks for your response!!! I live in Las Vegas for 2 years now and I don’t like it that much,is desert and I’m not used to it,I’m from the Caribbean so imagine?! I really need the ocean,the breeze ,beaches sounds ,palm trees and all that …my husband and I are considering to move out of Vegas but we don’t no yet where..because the costs are expensive…you know,Cali,Florida and Hawaii.
        well,that’s why my interested for how did you did to move 🙂 any advice will be welcome 😉

        have a nice weekend!!!!



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